Saturday, January 10, 2015

Keep Calm and Chive On

A lot of people, including myself, find nail art inspiration on social media - Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on. I was feeling particularly uninspired, so I decided to cruise one of my favorite sites, the Chive, in hopes of finding something that would turn on the light bulb in my head. Then it hit me - why not do Chive nails?! So here we are. The Chive's "color" is green, so I went with a girly shade of green with a hint of glimmer by Emerald & Ash called "Stubble Jumper." This was a limited edition polish that I won in a giveaway, numbered bottle 4 of 5. :) For my fingers I stamped them "KCCO" - which is short for the Chive's Logo, "Keep Calm and Chive On." For my thumbs, I stamped a crown (again, part of the KCCO logo), and a peace sign on the other. 
If you have never heard of the Chive, or you have heard of it but never visited, go now! It is amusing, funny, interesting, and sometimes even educational. 

Stamping plates used:
 Konad's M17, M18 for the lettering and peace sign
Bundle Monster's BM08 for the crown

Keep Calm and Chive On!

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