Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mermaid's Dream

Have you ever felt that amazing "high" when you score a bottle of nail polish that you really could never rationalize paying that much for, but get it for dirt cheap/free? No? Just my addiction? Maybe so. But whatever, this polish is gorgeous.......

This is Mermaid's Dream by Deborah Lippmann. I have been coveting this polish for a while - I'd eye it up at Sephora, and occasionally stroke the bottle yearningly.  When I won a DL 4-pack of polish on Listia, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was indeed one of those four.

I felt like it was pretty mandatory to stamp something aquatic/mermaid themed on these nails, so I went with some Bundle Monster plates and Dernelect polish in "Phenom." (This was yet another adventure in stamping made easier and more enjoyable by Kiesque.)
Truly, this is a polish that I could wear all by itself -- which does not happen often. What do you think? Have you tried this polish yet? I also discovered that DL polish is 5-free as well as cruelty free (meaning they don't test on helpless animals), so I am really starting to like this line more and more.

Friday, June 26, 2015

What's Cool?

This is!

I won some free ad space over at My So-Called Chaos: an amazing blog that covers a variety of topics, including nail art, and more! It is definitely worth taking your time to check out -- I feel like her topics are of interest to a variety of personalities.

I played around with creating a few banners, and chose to use this one:

Making banners is a lot of fun (at least for a nerd like me), and as I found out, there are plenty of sites online that you can make free banners. I used Bannersnack and was pretty pleased with the results, although I felt like I didn't have as many options with the Text editing as I would have liked. But since it was free -- I really have no room to complain!

I would love to hear any constructive criticizm, or commentary on making banners, especially since I am pretty new at this.  :)

UPDATE: my ad is scheduled to run July 9th. Be sure to check it out over at My So-Called Chaos!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Can I start off by saying that Liquid Palisade is amazing? In my opinion, it's the second best invention next to stamping for the nail art lover. I am doing much more in the line of stamping and gradients thanks to LP. I could kiss whomever birthed this wonderful idea.

But, let's get back on track, shall we?

I am doing more and more facials in my Esthetics class, so it's becoming more of a necessity to keep my nails on the shorter side. That will not, however, stop me from rockin' some funky designs now and then.

For this mani, I used Indigo Bananas "Taffeta, Darling?" as my base. This is a gorgeous purple glass fleck holo chrome that I was blessed to receive in a giveaway. Then, with my new go-to black, Morgan Taylor's "Little Black Dress," I stamped on the plus-looking design from Born Pretty Store plate #BP25.  My finishing touches were the large pyramid shaped aurora borealis gem and some smaller rhinestones.

I used to not wear anything 3D because it drove me nuts when my gems, etc, would get caught in my hair and clothes. Over time, I have learned how to seal them in more efficiently and have become accustomed to wearing the adornments. My question is this: do you like to wear 3D nail art? If not, why? I'd love to hear your answer in the comments! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Margarita nails

One of my favorite summer activities is enjoying a nice, refreshing margarita on a hot summer day.

Unfortunately, today was not one of those days. So I put margaritas on my nails instead. :)

My base is "Mint" by LA Colors. On my tips I used OPI's "Lights of Emerald City" to give the look of salt on the rim.  "Lights of Emerald City" is a nice glitter topper from OPI - it has white square glitter as well as small iridescent glitter as well. I think it worked quite nice for this theme. Finally, I added some lemon and lime fimo, in a variety of shapes, and top-coated the h3!! out of them.

Now if I only had some tequila.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Beach Bum (in my dreams...)

If I had a left nut, I would give it to anyone who would take me to the beach right now. To say I need a vacation is an understatement. Until then, I'll just paint waves on my fingers.
This was actually a super easy mani to do, especially with my best friend Liquid Palisade.
I used Floss Gloss in "Tanlines," Salon Perfect "Baby Blues" and Zoya "Ling" to create my gradient. Then I stamped on the waves with Bundle Monster plate #BM509, using Funky Fingers "Gesso" as my stamping polish. Finally I added some nail confetti from Bundle Monster - a cute little anchor - to finish the design.  This mani was cute and easy, and allowed me to drift away for a little bit, if only in my mind :)

Happy Daydreaming!