Friday, June 26, 2015

What's Cool?

This is!

I won some free ad space over at My So-Called Chaos: an amazing blog that covers a variety of topics, including nail art, and more! It is definitely worth taking your time to check out -- I feel like her topics are of interest to a variety of personalities.

I played around with creating a few banners, and chose to use this one:

Making banners is a lot of fun (at least for a nerd like me), and as I found out, there are plenty of sites online that you can make free banners. I used Bannersnack and was pretty pleased with the results, although I felt like I didn't have as many options with the Text editing as I would have liked. But since it was free -- I really have no room to complain!

I would love to hear any constructive criticizm, or commentary on making banners, especially since I am pretty new at this.  :)

UPDATE: my ad is scheduled to run July 9th. Be sure to check it out over at My So-Called Chaos!

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