Thursday, September 18, 2014

Coconut up your …what?!?!

If you want to waste 3 minutes of your life, you can watch this video. It really makes me think about how entertainment has evolved. Otherwise, I will give you the short version: a little red alien/bug thing sits on a coconut, and they make a song about it. Strange. Stupid. Waste of brain cells.  I jokingly said “I should put that on my nails!” and my son said “no! you are not allowed!” - - challenge accepted. Rule #1: NEVER tell a woman what she cannot do. 
This mani was done quickly, I will admit, with less effort than I normally give. Whatever. I used Funky Fingers "Mrs. Mint" for the base, and stamped the lines with Sally Hansen InstaDri in "Mint Sprint," BM plate #BM301. I free-handed the coconuts with SH "Terracotta", and added some light ivory wisps. I did the little buggy guy with my Nail Candy nail pens. 
When I showed my nails to my son, he just shook his head and walked away. Score 1 for mom. :)

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