Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Born Pretty Water Decals - review

I received some floral water decals from the Born Pretty Store to review.  The decals are squares, as opposed to being nail-shaped. This allows you to use them to cover the entire nail, or cut out specific portions to use. I painted my nails with Kleancolor’s “Pastel Teal” to start.
On my first attempt, I decided to cut the entire square and place it on the nail. I painted my topcoat over it, and once it dried, I trimmed the edges. This method worked ok, but the edges looked a little ragged to me. 
For my second attempt, I decided to cut the square into a nail shape. I then applied the water decal, filed off the edge, and topcoated the nail. This method seemed to be less cumbersome, but I also suck at cutting anything straight/even. 
I threw on some rhinestones for the few nails that I didn’t apply the decals, and decided to edge the decals with some glitter (to cover up my rugged edges!). 
I LOVE the design. I love the colors. The water decal itself was a little more difficult for me than I thought it would be initially, but it got easier as I went along. You can get these decals at the Born Pretty Store here, but be sure to use code TTHEX31 to get a 10% discount! 

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