Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello Venique

As a beauty school student, I am now officially allowed to shop at cool places like Cosmo Prof.  On Saturday, I took my little student license and got my "card" from the Cosmo Prof store in Hagerstown, MD. The cashier was super friendly and nice. Once I got my paperwork out of the way, I felt like she had released me into a candy store of sorts -- I didn't know where to start! Everything at Cosmo Prof is basically wholesale-priced for cosmetology professionals, meaning everything is SO MUCH CHEAPER than your typical retail venue. I didn't go too crazy this time (as I was supposed to be Easter shopping), but I did come across a brand of polish that was new to me -- Venique. Have you heard of it? I decided to give it a try, and got a cute little bottle with no name on it of course.
I used 3 coats to achieve full coverage, but this could easily be used as a topper. I can only describe this as a rose-gold colored glitter, with larger pieces of glitters that are multi-colored. I love the look of glitter but hate the process of getting it off my nails, so I don't typically gravitate toward these type of polishes, but this one kept catching my eye. I actually liked this enough to wear it on its own for a few days, but I feel the urge to stamp coming on.
Have you tried Venique? What was your opinion? So far I think I will definitely be trying more of this brand -- another excuse to go back to Cosmo Prof :)

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