Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Peeps!
I was dying eggs with my 5-yr old daughter last night, and she wanted ladybugs (her favorite) on one of her eggs. I got the bright idea to use nail stamps and BAM! it hit me - this is awesome! I'm going to do all the eggs with stamps! Thankfully we only did 12 eggs in total.
Our fabulous egg-venture started with a pink egg, some Wet N Wild black polish, and Moyou's Princess Collection #3 stamping plate.
I should have left well enough alone, because I thought some glitter would be good (glitter is always better, right?). I was wrong.
Moving on, I began doing some animal-themed eggs. I started with a blue egg and my new My Online Shop plate #JR35. Then I took the peach egg and used stamp #QA46 for some Snoopy action. The cute little dog on the tri-colored egg is also from #JR35. I added the bones and paw prints from #QA23. I wanted to see how hard it would be to use a larger image over the entire egg, so I chose the paw print/bone combo from Vivid Lacquer plate #VL027.
I decided to try some other colors for my next two eggs. For my reptile-themed egg, I used Winstonia plate #W03. The large leaves are Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Mint Sprint."  I used Fresh Paint "#Winning" and "Spruce Street" for the snake and the chameleon. Finally,I added the flowers for a little color - they are from MoYou Suki Collection plate #2 with Kleancolor "Neon Purple." 
All images from the aquatic egg are from Winstonia #W01.  If you want to know the 6 different colors I used for this egg, leave me a comment. 
I moved on to - what else - florals! The orange egg is stamped with Winstonia #W04 and Kleancolor "Red." I used the little bee of Moyou Princess Collection #03, and the flowers are from the #W04 plate. This is probably my favorite egg. The green egg isn't really "floral" per se, but it was my next logical progression from flowers. I used a striper for the grass and Gals plate # GA4 for the flowers. I went a little crazy with the butterflies, and just started going through and pulling each plate that had a butterfly. 
My fave!
For my final two eggs, I decided to put the 4 major house emblems from Game of Thrones on the yellow egg. These stamps are from My Online Shop plate #JRZ.  I didn't know what to do with my last egg, so when in doubt - use flowers. All the images on the purple egg are from plate #m51. 
Someone on Facebook wondered if the eggs would still be edible after stamping, so I decided to crack one open and see how far the polish soaked into the eggshell. I cracked open the egg that had the most polish coverage, and saw no evidence of polish on the inside of the shell. I guess if one was concerned, you could use 5-free polish, but I am pretty sure that Pepsi is going to be worse for you than this could possibly ever be.  (just my opinion)
I felt pretty certain that the egg wasn't toxic enough to kill my dog, so I fed the egg to my Sparrow Bunny.
 Happy Easter! 

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