Monday, March 9, 2015

Kitty Nails for the Pet Expo

Hola! Today's nails were inspired by an impending trip to the  National Pet Expo in Harrisburg, PA. This was my first time to a show like this, and I was very excited. I decided to use some of my cat decals from Bundle Monster. You get 3 large sheets of decals for $1.99 - you can't beat that!
I used Orly's "Peaceful Opposition" for my base - this is a slightly translucent white, with silver and white glitters. The water decals were very easy to use - they didn't fold over on (and ruin) itself, and I didn't have a single one rip - very cool :)

The Pet Expo was pretty cool, although I was told that it was pretty slow compared to others. Whatever! I got to experience a cat show for the first time, saw some interesting snakes as well as dogs galore, watched an amazing man speak about parrots, and had a crapload of people stop us to pet the Bearded Dragon that my son brought with us. It is definitely something I recommend any animal lover try to catch; you won't be disappointed.

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